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[Spoof] Coca Cola Train

brand: Coca Cola/ Coke
agency: Rofilco (see another creation here)
what's supposed to be catchy: the original Italian - German conversation of characters is replaced with one between a roman citizen and an inhabitant of con-quested Dacia. The name of soccer players were replaced with Latin expressions and words in Romanian supposed to be of Dacian origin. And the parody doesn't stop here...
the spoof:

the original:

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Delaco and the Mafia

agency: don't know yet
received: April 21st, 2008
message: TV commercial, second episode of 'Delaco sta bine pe cascaval' campaign.
what's supposed to be catchy: the super is "delaco sta bine pe cascaval" wich in Romanian slang can be translated approximatelly as 'delaco has plenty of bucks', speculating the cascaval alternative meanings of cheese and money.
the thing: links to YouTube locations of the commercials.

my comment: the campaign includes also a blog of Toni Delaco (which reminds me of Tony Soprano) a fictional mafioso character... Not my favorite approach but I admire these guys for trying to integrate new media in their campaigns.


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Viral Marketing

According to wikipedia, viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that seek to exploit pre-existing social networks to produce exponential increases in brand awareness, through viral processes similar to the spread of an epidemic. It is word-of-mouth delivered and enhanced online; it harnesses the network effect of the Internet and can be very useful in reaching a large number of people rapidly.

Instead of disclaimer

The proposal of this blog is to capture the viral marketing actions in Romania. Hope to develop that theme in time and build a team for monitoring the viral marketing circulation, accordingly to the axiom "four (six, eight etc.) eyes are better than two"...

Types of viral messages

1. Pass-along: A message which encourages the user to send the message to others. the crudest form of this is chain letters where a message at the bottom of the e-mail prompts the reader to forward the message. more effective are short, funny clips of video which people spontaneously forward. Many of these, such as the cog (television commercial) from honda began life as tv commercials and have since circulated on the web by word of mouth. the number of people reached in this way is often much greater than the number who viewed the original ad;

2. Incentivised viral: Offering rewards for providing someone's address. this can dramatically increase referrals. however, this is most effective when the offer requires another person to take action. Most online contests offer more chances of winning for each referral given; but when the referral must also participate in order for the first person to obtain that extra chance of winning, the chance that the referral participates is much greater.

3. Undercover: a viral message presented as a cool or unusual page, activity, or piece of news, without obvious incitements to link or pass along. In undercover marketing, it is not immediately apparent that anything is being marketed. Particular effort is made to make the discovery of the item seem spontaneous and informal, to encourage natural memetic behavior. Outside world "clues", such as graffiti appearing in cities with key viral words, is often used to direct people to search out the presented "mystery". Because of the large amount of unusual and entertaining content on the internet, this can be the hardest type of viral to spot, especially as companies try to imitate the style and content of amateur websites and authentic underground movements.

4. "Edgy gossip/buzz marketing" ads or messages that create controversy by challenging the borders of taste or appropriateness. Discussion of the resulting controversy can be considered to generate buzz and word of mouth advertising. Prior to releasing a movie, some hollywood movie stars get married, get divorced, or get arrested, or become involved in some controversy that directs conversational attention to them. An alleged example is the publicity campaign about the dubious love affair between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes that came out just before each of them released a movie.

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